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Posted on Oct 17, 2013 in BDFIL, KOMIX | 0 comments




The theme was “The new monsters” and immediately resonated with me. I’ve been interested for a long time in any kind of tech subjects  and was willing to somehow sum up some of that in this panel. I used a rotational symmetry for the main structure of the board. Part to contrast with the dream and reality frames but also to add some dynamism to a classical 3×3 structure. As for the monsters in the dream there are based on those 3 persons: Hang Mioku, Jocelyn Wildenstein (or is it Madonna?) and Michael Jackson. I gave reality its monsters too: the high rise buildings as the flagships of hybrid future companies and the last marital evolution for men, the i-wife.

Graphically i took a different path from the previous one and tried to work on a line that i personally prefer. But i was pretty disappointed by the bad printing and my sketchy contour lines. Nevertheless this board did pretty well in the overall competition finishing 12th.  Official site of the 2013 competition

Here is the preliminary sketch i did for it.


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