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BD FIL 2014 / 5†R.I.P.

Posted on Sep 11, 2014 in BDFIL, KOMIX | 7 comments



The theme was “Strip Tease” and I particularly liked it, not for the reason you may think, but because the word itself “strip” has so many connotations.

The end result came as an illustration of the many aspects of the word. As a verb it could mean to take off clothing, to plunder, to empty… as a noun it could be a comic strip (there are 5 of them, hence the lettering of the title), a bandage, a street…

I’ve added some numbers all over the panel. Each strip is numbered on its first upper box and the number 42 appears on every strip as a reminder of the absurdity of the journey the woman takes.

Even though the basic idea and layout came to me quickly, I did struggle a lot to find the adequate box rhythm and content.

Technically I’ve decided to pursue with the kind of clear line I previously used but worked this time exclusively with vector based strokes.

This panel has made 2nd at the BDFIL competition. Official site of the 2014 competition

Here are the preliminary sketches i did for it.

STRIP-sketch-01 STRIP-sketch-03



  1. Amazing job!! This one is my favorite, above all the other winners of the competition.
    Un grand bravo :)

    • Hey merci Jacinthe, c’est vraiment super sympa! ++

      • Ça fait plaisir!! L’idée est tout-à-fait brillante, et la réalisation de la planche tellement bien exécutée! :)

  2. Le vrai gagnant pour moi aussi… et tellement cool qu’un suisse gagne ce prix!

    • Merci Wallace! Rien que pour lire vos commentaires ça valait la peine de gagner ce prix! hop-hop ++

  3. J’ai une amie qui a aussi fait le concours mais là je suis bluffée! Magnifique planche à encadrer! – Sabine

    • Merci Sabine! A encadrer? Wow trop sympa! c’est la fête.

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